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Formally Bad Day At

Wedding shopping #selfie (at 501 UNION)

@escapeartist22 craves lobster, I crave oysters! (at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.)

#wyatt and the coolest Daddy In Brooklyn! #latergram

Let’s Party! ITS FRIDAY!

#TBT Classic College hazing pic (at Syracuse University)

Turns out that @terrycrews loved my work @comedycentral’s drunk history command center two seasons in a row! (at Comedy Central)

After a long time you got to find a pillow to rest on! (at Greenpoint)

Makerbot is here! (at HuffPost Live Newsroom)

Just getting some work done. (at HuffPost Massage Chairs)

since everything is a reflection is our minds, everything can be changed in our minds -#buddha (at Greenpoint)

This guy loves catching spiders on the weekends. (at Huffington Post)

The wedding search continues…. (at The Liberty Warehouse)

Too Blessed to be Stressed. #Grateful

No one obeys this sign! NO ONE! (at Washington Square Arch)

Got to hangout with the Madden Bros this morning. We talked about the Warped Tour and their Good Charlotte show at Irving Plaza back in the day with New Found Glory today.