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Formally Bad Day At

Got to throw a touchdown pass to #JerryRice today @huffpostlive. We SCORED!!! (at Huffington Post)

The funny thing is Slash wanted to take this photo with Grover & Abby! (at HuffPost Live Newsroom)

Grover & Abby made my morning @huffpostlive soo good! (at HuffPost Live Newsroom)

Romanesque meets Brooklynesque

#FrenchBulldog Vs Lobster who will win?

Olive made some friends and now says her #lobster goodbyes. (at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.)

SOON — ALMOST (at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.)

New fish / lobster joint around the block. #YEAHZZZ (at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.)

olive & cheesey on the national news! #petcrazy

Choose Your Own Adventure

Westboro came to protest in front of our @huffingtonpost office.
And we won.
#GodLovesCupcakes (at Huffington Post)

Sup! #cheese & #olive

Wedding #shopping sucks.

Rickey’s for @stitelgram

Let’s get this started! Go #Hawks #WeAre12